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Come shop with us for the warmest fabrics.

Are you tired of searching for warm winter wear that is also able to meet your needs? Stop worrying from now on because we got you. 'Delicate Source' brings to you a wide variety of fabrics straight from the HUB of Textile Industries in Pakistan. From the finest wool to the softest fleece, you can find it all. If you are interested in finding the best winter fabric supplier, you need to add your favorite items to the cart and place an order!

Why Delicate Source?

We are convincing you to shop with us for several reasons. Here are some of them;

  • We offer customer service that can hardly be beaten.
  • Custom printing that is long-lasting and speaks of quality.
  • A fabric that remains new for generations.
  • On-time delivery around the world.
  • The cost is not going to bother you. It is wallet-friendly.

All about our customization services

Our customization services include the following;

  • Custom printing on the fabric. We offer digital printing and rotary printing at economical prices.
  • Give us the quantity you want, and we will provide it to you at wholesale rates.
  • The fabric will be of your choice, and the quality will also be of your choice!
  • We at delicate Source like to connect with you after knowing which area you belong to. This helps with proper customization and understanding of your ideas.

What makes Delicate Source different?

Our research and development department barely takes a break. The fabric enthusiasts at delicate Source are always searching for excellent new fabrics to offer you.

Our finance department is busy coming up with excellent discounts and deals we can cut for our clients.

Delicate Source connects you with suppliers around the world. We want to give our fashion designers and fabric retailers the best exposure and choose a fabric that will boost your sales.

We offer the warmest fabric that will beat any winter cold without losing an ounce of elegance!

What materials do we offer

Here is a list of materials we are offering;

  1. Wool: We have various kinds of wool fabrics varying from Cashmere to excellent quality Tweed. Order a sample and check out the quality for yourself.
  2. Silk: Elegance and fall are all in silk. We offer raw silk and artificial silk.
  3. Fleece: The warmest fleece is what makes winter comfy. We have good quality fleece to offer you. Go to the cart and select your fleece items.
  4. Linen: your dresses need good linen. Our linen fabric is easy to wash and has a dye that won’t fade easily!

       The talk of our quality

        Let us tell you why our fabric quality is the best;

  • We offer dyes that do not fade even after generations.
  • Our fabric has the best color shade.
  • Delicate Source prides itself in the premium luxury fabric.
  • The softness of our fabric is unparallel, and it will make your consumer happy.

We at Delicate Source aim to provide you with the best experience. Our winter fabric will definitely win your heart so, go and place an order now. We are eager to hear from you!